verum / vitae

A New Mexico Science Fiction / Fantasy Comic Anthology Series from 7000 BC

Extended Deadline: Pitch Submissions CLOSING January 15th, 2020

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have extended the deadline and are focusing a search on ARTISTS looking to work with WRITERS for the initial issue. Submissions close January 15th, 2020. Some acceptance e-mails have already gone out. The remainder of acceptance e-mails will be sent out by January 31st.

Submissions for verum/vitae story pitches are currently open. To see our requirements for story, content, and final artwork, please refer to our Submission Guidelines for additional information.

Our current theme is WORLD BUILDING.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to verum/vitae, you must fill out our contributor application form.

What is verum/vitae?

The comic anthology verum/vitae is an upcoming curated series created and published by 7000 BC, a collective dedicated to helping both new and veteran artists break into the comics scene through collaboration and education. With stories and art that exemplify the best of what New Mexico's independent comic artists can produce, verum/vitae hopes to provide a platform for comic artists to share their talents with audiences in both print and digital form.

In addition, through the collection of in-progress stages of artwork from contributing artists, 7000 BC aims to provide new and budding creators with a behind-the-scenes view into the creative process of writing, producing, and publishing comics in the modern print and digital era.

Who can submit?

The anthology magazine is currently having an Open Call for story pitch submissions. That means anyone can submit their story pitch to verum/vitae for review and possible inclusion! If you haven't been published before, don't worry! 7000 BC has several experienced editors that have worked in both traditional and self-publishing that will be happy to help you make your submission the best it can be! Just make sure to read through the Submission Guidelines to make sure your comic meets the appropriate criteria for inclusion in the anthology.

What can I submit?

Contributors are free to explore science fiction and fantasy genres so long as the connection to New Mexico remains as a central theme and the content meets our Submission Guidelines. First-time contributing writers and illustrators are encouraged towards contemporary settings located in and around New Mexico. Each issue follows a particular thematic prompt.

If I submit my comic, can you guarantee it will be included?

Although we would like to include everyone that submits their comics to verum/vitae, space will be limited. We are curating the series for the inclusion of the best submissions from our Open Call, as well as content provided by invited guest contributors from the New Mexico comics community. But if your comic doesn't make it into verum/vitae, don't fret! 7000 BC also publishes string which is open to any and all comics contributions!

If I submit my comic, who will own it?

At 7000 BC content ownership is very important to us. The rights to individual submissions will be retained by their respective creators. If accepted for publication, 7000 BC obtains the limited distribution rights for both print and digital publication and distribution in the following: official series issues, official series collected anthologies, series digital publication, series or group promotions and educational materials. Profits on sales for each issue will be divided between 7000 BC and the respective creators.

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What is 7000 BC?

7000 BC is a Northern New Mexico-based organization providing opportunities for comics writers and artists to develop their personal styles and storytelling "voices," while promoting an understanding of the cultural significance of comic art through seminars and workshops.

Sol Arts DBA 7000 BC is a 501(c)3 non-profit visual arts learning collaborative